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About Pulse

About Pulse Technologies

Pulse Technologies is an advanced innovation + engineering + contract manufacturing company focused exclusively on medical device components and assemblies.

We specialize in CNC micro-machining and assembly, scratch-free surface finishes, electrode coatings—and your next breakthrough. Read our company profile.

Leadership willing to invest

Our leadership team is comprised of people who are accustomed to asking both “why?” and “why not?” It’s that spirit of curiosity, can-do and willingness to invest on behalf of our customers that sets us apart. 

The people of Pulse

What can we tackle for you today? The people of Pulse are how we do what we do for our medical device companies, and the patients who carry our work with them wherever they go. We look for people who share our sense of challenge, integrity and pride, and then we invite them to help us build a culture based on collaboration, honesty and fairness. The result is a camaraderie that drives us to pull together to get the work done, and done right. World-class employee satisfaction creates world-class results for our clients.

The people of Pulse are ready to take up your challenge. Let’s get started.

Does Pulse sound like a place where you’d like to work? Learn more about our culture and check out our openings in Careers.

Read about us at your leisure

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