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Company Profile

Pulse Technologies is an advanced innovation, engineering and contract manufacturing company focused exclusively on medical device components and assemblies. Read about the medical markets we serve.

We specialize in CNC micro-machining and assembly, scratch-free surface finishes, electrode coatings—and your next breakthrough.


Think of it as ideas + execution: the marriage of groundbreaking materials, technologies and processes with expert design engineering and full capabilities for outsourced component manufacturing and assembly, from prototype to production. That’s the complete package we offer to our medical device OEM partners, who comprise a substantial number of the world’s leading and largest innovators.

Plus a “never say never” spirit of collaboration and drive

The Pulse people. Think of them as pure energy. From our always-accessible R&D and manufacturing engineers to our ever-vigilant quality specialists to our always-thinking machine technicians, every Pulse person understands what it means to help create an implantable medical device.

They know the impact that tiny mechanism of metal or plastic can have on someone’s life. They recognize the imperative that its components be in perfect working order—every second. It’s what makes them pull together to get the job done. It’s also what makes them knowledgeable, helpful, friendly—and easy to work with.

Insight, creativity and ownership

We are always working to anticipate and explore what you might need next—whether it’s a lighter material or a smoother surface or a process that can be made automated and repeatable. We are always asking “why not?” and “what if” which leads quickly to “let’s try…”

All of which contributes to a sense of pride and ownership in our part of your medical device and also your success as a company.

Investing on your behalf: intelligence and infrastructure

Since its founding some 20 years ago, Pulse Technologies has made significant investments in next-generation capabilities for the medical device industry.

Beginning as a precision contract manufacturer, the company then moved into specialized coatings, and then process innovations.

In 2005, we built a world-class custom manufacturing facility to meet the changing demands of our OEM partners.

Today, our professional staff includes R&D as well as design and manufacturing engineers. You can tap their expertise in our Ask The Experts section.

Connections to the right people at Pulse

Having the right person to talk to—whether it’s an engineer or production manager—at the right time is crucial to accelerating your device to market. We give you direct access to the person you need for the fastest answer, all the while coordinating internally so our entire team stays abreast of your project.

Speed is in our DNA

When it’s time to produce for you, we talk fast, walk fast, and drink a lot of coffee. Rapid response is an integral components of competitive advantage and is built into all of our processes—from pricing (choose from expedited quoting, matrix pricing or time and materials) to prototype design to component manufacture and assembly.

How can we help you?

We’re eager to hear how we can be of assistance to your medical device team. Let’s talk: contact us.