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Pulse Advanced Coating Technology

Why can’t my lead be smaller? That neatly framed question led us to develop a specialized coating for stimulation and sensing electrodes that increases the efficiency of the electrical signals and reduces polarization by 50%.

Our Pulse Advanced Coating Technology (PACT®) enables electrodes to be manufactured at half the size of those with competing coatings.

Instant benefits for pacemaker patients

Smaller electrodes mean smaller, less invasive leads, while increasing device impedance and battery life. Our integrated machining and coating operations make this a cost-effective, high-performance solution that exceeds industry standards.

How we did it

By continuously experimenting with and searching for new technologies that improve performance and quality of life for patients.

How can advanced coating technologies advance your next device?

Within our collective imagination, there’s a solution for your next medical device. Contact us; we’ll set up an engineer-to-engineer discussion to begin exploring.

There’s always a way. Sometimes you just need to change the angle from which you approach the problem.