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Buyer II

The Buyer II is responsible for contractually committing the company to the purchase of materials and supplies. This involves using the material usage and future material requirements provided by production to determine available inventory balances and execute purchase orders to satisfy the production plan.


1. Requires an Associates Degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or Finance, or equivalent work experience.

2. Three to five, (3-5) years experience in purchasing and inventory control for a small to mid-size manufacturing company, with minimum sales volume of $15 million.

3. Ability to manage a time phased material requirements ordering system. The skills and knowledge must include PC knowledge, and spreadsheet applications.

4. Purchasing experience within a MRP environment preferable.

5. Mental abilities are required to compute business math formulas.


1. Execute the purchasing of materials and supplies within specifications, at the most cost effective price and terms within the quality standards acceptable to PTI.

2. Prepare purchase orders and verify pricing and delivery. Follow up on the status of the purchase orders as necessary.

3. Maintain inventory minimum, maximum, and EOQ to recommend purchases.

4. Research new sources of supply as required and maintain relations with existing suppliers.

5. Plan and order materials and supplies to satisfy the future requirements of the production plan.

6. To expedite and follow-up on orders as required to meet schedule.

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