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QA Clerk

The Quality Clerk is responsible for reviewing, organizing, and filing quality documentation. Will interact with Quality team and create documents such as NCMR's, CAR's, 1st Article Reports, etc. from data provided by Quality Inspectors. This position will also work with the Quality Group Leader to monitor daily shipping activities.


1. Requires a high school diploma or GED or equivalent work experience.

2. Zero to three, (0-3), years experience. Experience with organization of documentation for small to mid size manufacturing company.

3. Familiarization with computers and typical office software, (MS, Word, Excel, scanning, etc.)

4. Ability to compute business math formulas.

5. The senses of sight, speech (English), and hearing are required. The physical requirements are standing and sitting (50/50) in a shop environment. Walking around the facility is required. Lifting boxed of documents and carrying them to a storage location, (40 pounds), twisting, bending, stooping, and the flexing of the fingers, hands and wrists working with the PC are required


1. The majority of the time will be spent in a lab environment with moderate noise from machines running and with a controlled temperature. Additional time could be spent in aiding others in the manufacturing area.

2. The hours may be adjusted according to the demand of the Quality Dept. and customer requirements.


1. Scanning and organizing Quality Documents in a timely manner in order to be accessible for shipments.

2. Work with Inspectors and using the computer to enter any documents pertinent to the inspection process, NCMR's, CAR's, and Inspection Reports, etc.

3.Review final quality documentation packages, (DHR history) for accuracy and completeness.

4. Attend daily production meetings for shipping priorities.

5. Interact with the Quality Group Leader to monitor the daily shipping activities.

6. Report the inventory on the first of the month.

7. Monitor the calibration documentation.

8. Working with QE's, develop the required PFMEA forms and act as scribe for the meetings.

9. Update and maintain work order requirements that are generated by Contract Review.

10. Interact with Engineering Assistant where necessary for documentaion purposes.

11. Work with QE's to assist in the data entry of specialized documentation required by customers.

12. Monitor the timely completion of quality documents on a completion schedule, such as NCMR's, CAR's, etc.


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