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Pulse Technologies Capabilities

Our capabilities are extensive: they include not only a deep inventory of sophisticated equipment in a world-class facility, but also a remarkably talented team of engineers, machine technicians, quality experts, material planning professionals, customer service representatives, and more. They are all dedicated to bringing you quality product at a reasonable price, on time, and within budget.

Our capabilities include the following:

Materials – a broad range of metals (including precious metals), plastics and custom alloys. More.

Laser Machining ­– focused on thin-walled tubular parts for laparoscopy, endoscopy, cardiac and vascular. More.

Laser Welding – Spot and CNC welders with particular skill at welding similar and dissimilar metals. More.

Laser Texturing – our unique technique to improve bonding strength between metal and plastic tubing. More.

Titanium Anodizing – in-house process for coloring titanium parts. More.

PVD Coating – proprietary technology that delivers physical vapor deposition coatings for extremely low polarization on electrodes. More.

Metallurgy & Metrology Laboratory – state-of-the-art equipment for research & development as well as testing and troubleshooting. More.

Precision Finishing & Marking – including micro-blasting, deburring, tumbling, electro-polishing and passivation, plus part lot marking and serialization. More.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) – on both wire and RAM machines. More.

Milling – for complex micro-geometries, integrated with part assembly. More.

Swiss Screw Machining – a robust, high throughput suite of equipment. More.

Irradiation, Grinding & Heat Treating – through validated partners under our careful supervision.


What else do you need?

From our early days as a Swiss screw machining shop, we have grown our capabilities in response to—and anticipation of—our customer’s needs. We are always eager to learn how we can better support you and your next medical device. Contact us; we’ll figure it out together.