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Medical Device Components & Assemblies

Click through our slide show above to see representative samples of some of the components we have recently manufactured.

Pulse Technologies produces medical device components and assemblies from prototype to production, many utilizing our specialized capabilities.

The biggest challenges? Yes. But also the day-to-day production

We can make parts of moderate complexity cost-effectively, and we can make nearly impossible parts almost affordable, too.

Our manufacturing cells are designed to be as lean as possible. Each cell has just what it needs to make, inspect and pass on good parts.


Our focus has been on cardiac, vascular, orthopedic for spinal and extremity, neurostimulation including cochlear and ophthalmic. Read more about our medical markets.

But we are not limited to these areas of specialization. If you have need for a component or assembly for another medical specialty, we would be happy to work with you. Please contact us.