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Are there any alternatives to platinum for the tip of an atrial fibrillation ablation device?

I am working on a new ablation device for treating arterial fibrillation, most of the literature suggests platinum as the preferred material for the tip. The project budget is really tight, are there any alternatives I can use for my tip?

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Platinum cost is definitely a concern in the industry. Depending on the application you could potentially use another material; I would need a little more information on the type of therapy and necessary properties in order to recommend one. One way you can reduce the project costs is to use an alternate material like stainless steel for the prototypes. I imagine you will have a few iterations of the design while you work out joining and assembly techniques, these prototypes could be made out of stainless and it would significantly reduce the development costs. Another alternative would be to speak with the tip vendor on the possibility of reclaiming the Pt used for the prototypes when you are done. You may be able to recoup some of the material cost when you are done testing the pieces.