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Markets & Relationships

Really listening leads to innovation where it’s required, quality always, and the snap-to speed that gets you to market fast.

Our Markets—and the People We Serve

At Pulse Technologies, we serve the implantable medical device component market. We made the decision to focus exclusively on this market because we believe success requires that kind of laser-sharp attention.

Medical device companies the world over face common pressures

Here’s what the market tells you to do, every day:

  • Save more lives…faster!
  • Make more people healthier…safely!
  • Innovate new devices…profitably!

All while dealing with a rigorous regulatory environment. And ongoing volatility in the costs of essential materials and components. And the never-ending race to be first to market without burning through your entire budget. Which is why we like to say…it helps to have a partner.

Further focused: our sectors of specialization


Within the medical device market, we focus with most concentration on these sectors:

  • Cardiac

  • Vascular
  • Orthopedic, spinal and extremity
  • Neurostimulation including cochlear and ophthalmic

More about our specialties.

An organization tuned to your people

We recognize that different people within your company have different needs, so we’ve built an organization that’s responsive to all of them—and mindful about who’s driving the project at any given time.

We make it a point that your people can talk directly to the right person inside of our organization—no hierarchy to decode or gatekeepers in the way.

Read more about each of our “customer categories”:

We’re listening:
“A supplier that helps us innovate or better understand the manufacturability—easier or faster to make or helps the surgeon do his job—that’s a company I’m interested in.”
—A Pulse cardiac customer