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Design & Manufacturing Engineers


What can we do? That’s always the first question on the mind of a design and manufacturing engineer. Our capabilities are broad and significant—from laser machining to Swiss screw machining to electrical discharge machining to titanium anodizing. Learn more about our capabilities, or better yet, schedule a visit and tour.


Great communication makes all the difference. We work hard to be sure that we’re providing honest, real-time information to our customers about the status of their jobs. When there’s a problem, we say so. We also come with a solution, or at the very least, the plan to find a solution.

If we hit a stumbling block, you can count on us to call you immediately, and with some ideas for walking around it. We want your trust. We figure honest communication and all-out effort are the ways to earn it.

Sometimes you’re even too busy to wait for a quote, or for your purchasing department to give you a formal go-ahead. Pulse has a solution for that: it’s our time and materials agreement (PDF).



Quality may be a given, but it still comes up in every conversation, proving just how important it is. For design and manufacturing engineers, quality is about repeatability and predictability.

We recognize that consistency from drawing to manufactured part is critical. Even an improvement is a problem if it represents a change to what the design and manufacturing engineer is expecting. When we find a better way, we bring it to your attention and together we decide if it’s appropriate for production.


Plus…what else?

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Plus…what else?

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We’re listening:
“We need a hypersensitivity to the regulatory environment, which comes with experience in medical.”
—A Pulse spinal customer