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Our Medical Markets: Serving the Professionals who Serve the Patient

We recognize that our colleagues within medical device component companies think of the patients who will benefit from their devices as the ultimate customer—even if there are many people (from parts designers to hospital buying agents to surgeons) between them and the patient.

Of course, we are even one more step removed, but we still remember that patient every time we machine a new prototype, or send the 1,000th component of the day to shipping.

Specializing makes us smarter

We are always looking for ways we can add value, and specializing in certain sectors of the medical market helps.

[ Your specialty here ]

Don’t see your area of expertise in the list below? Well, those got to be our specialties because a customer, or prospective customer, came to us with an idea. And together we invested in the solutions. We’re always up for the next big breakthrough. Contact us.


A mature market, but one where we’re finding demand for a smaller, lighter, longer-lasting pacemaker device that’s more comfortable for the patient. Our specialized coating for stimulation and sensing electrodes increases the efficiency of the electrical signals and reduces polarization by 50 percent—for smaller, less invasive leads with greater battery life. More about Pulse Advanced Coating Technology.

We’ve brought our electro-dynamic surface finishing to hemolysis pumps for a scratch-free finish that extends the useful lifetime of the device. Our process is automated, repeatable, and optimized for manufacturability. More about our Scratch-Free Surface Finishes.


The search: less invasive and more effective devices for treating vascular disease. We make components and assemblies that facilitate the coating of drug-eluting stents. Our extensive finishing capabilities ensure that your component is to-spec and burr-free.



Orthopedic, spinal and extremity

In a market where new product development reigns supreme, pedicle screw systems, plates, VBRS and even inter-spinus implants are among our specialties. Our engineers are working to make components smaller and thinner yet stronger.

Neurostimulation, cochlear, ophthalmic

Pulse can work with standard alloys for advanced neurostimulation devices or apply one of our new coatings for a next-generation device, You can count on us for to-spec work or advanced innovation.