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Supply Chain Professionals

Supply chain professionals are on the front lines of ensuring that the product delivers when it’s scheduled, and that it comes in at a reasonable price.


Can we deliver parts on time? Always an early question for every professional in the supply chain, and one we take seriously. We get it that late delivery has negative consequences for a lot of people, not least of which are a surgeon and a patient. We build delivery schedules in partnership with our customers that are realistic and achievable, but we know that sometimes time is a luxury we don’t have:

“We’ll turn the world upside down to make a delivery. Saturday shifts, Sunday shifts, counter to counter if that’s what it takes.”

Sometimes you’re even too busy to wait for a quote. Pulse has a solution for that: it’s our time and materials agreement (PDF).


The greatest part in the world is not a great part if it can’t be built at a market-friendly price. We bring an early focus on cost efficiency into the design phase, questioning the need for anything that will have pricing implications in production.

(“Do you really need that exact size hole, because it will require a special drill?”)

Our advanced coatings for cardiac and vascular allow for parts so much smaller that they significantly cut the need for—and the cost of—precious metals. And we continually focus on improvements in process for ways to build efficiency in.


Can we get the job done? That’s the question the buyer has to ask, and it comes down to a complicated mix of equipment, expertise and integrity. Pulse has made it a habit to invest heavily in top-of-the-line equipment, because we see it as a way to offer world-class capabilities at competitive prices. Our people are extraordinary. Parts don’t scare us. We know how to make them.


When we make a promise, we deliver. That’s how it works at Pulse.

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Plus…what else?

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We’re listening:
“We see that Pulse is making investments in equipment and people. That’s why we’re bringing them new opportunities to quote.”
—A Pulse vascular customer