Biorhythm Coatings

The Need

Pulse Advanced Coating Technology (PACT) was developed in response to a client market that was reaching capacity limits and facing capital expenditure increases. By developing a highly manufacturable new coating, we could provide clients a 100% increase in throughput and reliability while allowing them to rapidly adjust components without creating issues of capital investment or floor space.

Using a novel plasma technique, Pulse is able to precisely control the surface features of the coating. These surface features in turn can be tuned for your device and application.

The Technology

  • Vacuum deposited coatings designed to increase the electrochemical surface area of simulation or sensing electrodes
  • Delivers higher uniformity on complex parts such as active fixation electrodes and toroidal electrodes through true 3D coating
  • Offers control of the performance of a coating for individual pulse widths, frequencies and stimulation regimes

The Application

  • Ideal for mid-range applications needing an increase in electrical transfer between device and tissue
  • Can be used to either enable smaller electrodes by increasing the active surface area, or prolong battery life of a device by reducing current draw
  • Large batch process lends itself to higher volume production (>10k), but smaller run sizes of approximately 1,000 can be done cost effectively
  • Limitations include
    • the ability to withstand high vacuum and
    • elevated temperature (250 – 350C)

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