Advanced Technology

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Come to us with a problem, and we’ll come back with a proprietary solution. Whether it’s a new surface texturing process to increase adhesion, an advanced coating to enhance the effectiveness of leads, or a scratch-free surface finish to improve the safety of surgical procedures, each of our Advanced Technologies started with a challenge from a client that was answered with an edge over the competition.

Scratch-Free Surface Finishes

Precision-dimensioned surfaces with no machining lines.

  • Aspect ratio dependent (up to 10:1)
  • All Fe alloys
  • Ra <50-nm


A scalable alternative to vacuum coatings that structurally rearranges electrode surface features athermally.

  • >500x surface area increase
  • 3-D nanostructuring by rearranging molecules
  • Implantable Stimulation Devices


Vacuum deposited coatings that allow you to precisely define electical sensing parameters to the needs of your device.

  • Customized, bespoke coatings
  • 100x surface area increases


Custom alloy solutions specifically designed for the medical device industry.

  • Custom small batch alloying
  • High Strength Replacement for Ti-6Al-4V
  • True Plug-and-Play replacement for current markets

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