Custom Implant Alloys

The Need

Pulse began developing alloys in 2007 in response to a market need for alloys specific to the medical device field. While tailoring properties required for the medical market, we developed a novel approach to alloying.

Pulse’s series of alloys are ceramic-reinforced metals with the ceramics found at the grain boundaries. These ceramic clusters retard crack propagation in the material, making it stronger while still allowing some deformation to achieve a desirable yield strength.

The Technology

  • Patented alloy system developed through work with low melt and draw volumes over the past 10 years
  • Direct replacement for G23 Titanium with a 30% increase in strength
  • No reduction in machinability or cyclic fatigue
  • Removes irritants present in the Ti-6Al-4AlV system
  • Marginal increase in osteoblast growth when tested against G2/G23

The Application

  • Ideal for medical device manufacturers needing novel alloys
  • Customized for clients requiring alloys in low volume melts ranging from 10 – 500kg
  • Pulse’s Ti Alloy offering is of interest to device designers looking to reduce the size of the implant but not the strength; it requires no special machining, joining or finishing processes including anodizing

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