Hierarchical Surface Restructuring

The Need

Electrodes and microelectrode arrays in most long-term implantable neurostimulation devices demand low impedance for sensing and recording applications, and high charge injection capacity to achieve safe and reversible stimulation. Electrodes with larger geometric surface area perform better, but they take up more space, limit the device’s spatial selectivity and can harm patients.

Maximizing device performance and selectivity often requires introduction a larger number of electrodes or constructing a microelectrode array to activate more neurons or discrete groups of neurons.

The Technology

Pulse Technologies’ patented Hierarchical Surface Restructuring (HSR™) technology solves these hurdles and shortcomings by using ultra-short pulse lasers to increase the surface roughness and electrochemical surface area of implantable electrodes by several orders of magnitude.

Pulse’s proprietary processes:

  • Create customizable topographical features of varying length scales.
  • Generate athermal material ablation, leaving behind no heat-affected zones or microcracking.
  • Create a more durable surface compared to many coating technologies.

Hierarchical Surface Restructuring tunes electrode surfaces to improve the performance of cardiac pacing and neurostimulation electrodes and microelectrode arrays. This proprietary process is applicable on a wide range of materials, geometries and thicknesses to restructure various surface topographies, depths and intercolumnar spacing.

The Benefits

Compared to conventional coating and additive surface technologies, Hierarchical Surface Restructuring offers the following benefits:

  • Surface tunability
  • Ultra-high surface area
  • Hierarchical surface structure
  • Unprecedented charge storage capacity
  • High capacitance and low impedance
  • Applicable on complex geometries
  • Well-suited for a diverse range of sensing, recording and stimulating applications
  • Scalable and commercially viable
  • Can be applied to finished devices
  • Market acceptance: active clinical and trial programs underway

See how more surface area makes your device more effective.

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