Scratch-free Surface Finishes

The Need

A client’s medical device required a high tolerance ID bore and a surface free of imperfections. Utilizing our material science and machining knowledge, we customized our equipment and process to deliver on their specific need, and continually refine our technology to ensure its performance.

The Technology

Precision-dimensioned surfaces with no machining lines

  • Current technologies in the market machine parts to surfaces of 0.2 micron Ra
  • Need polishing for better Ra values but cannot guarantee removal of machining/honing lines
  • Hand polishing is not repeatable or scalable
  • Can be used in conjunction with electropolish but does not rely on it

The Application

Precision-dimensioned surfaces with no machining lines

  • Applied to surfaces where high flow is required and where surface imperfections could cause fluid breakdown. For example, devices where blood flow is in high volume or velocity
  • Holds tolerances within 10 micron with surface finishes of <50nm
Let us give your device the perfect surface.

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