Hierarchical Surface Restructuring

The Need

Recognizing a market need for a scalable alternative to vacuum coatings, Pulse innovated electrode performance using state-of-the-art laser technology. In our patented hierarchical surface restructuring process, extremely high energy pulses bombard the surface for durations of less than the phonon transfer time of the material, rearranging the surface structure without the need for heat.

The Technology

  • Patented process that uses extremely high energy pulses to rearrange the molecules on the surface of materials
  • Produces extremely high surface areas in excess of 500x the original surface
  • Surface topography can be custom tailored to a variety of applications, specifically electrochemical electrodes
  • No interface stress or delamination to consider during the design process (superior to coatings)

The Application

  • Ideal for utilizing electrochemical electrodes; specifically medical stimulation electrodes
  • Application extends to electrochemical systems that need increased charge injection while decreasing voltage
  • Does not require a batch process, vacuum or elevated temperatures, and is capable of handling subcomponents and fully assembled leads and devices

See how more surface area makes your device more effective.

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