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Scratch-free Surface Finishes

“Why can't I have a scratch-free surface and why can't I have it every time?”

Ask the right question at Pulse and the wheels start churning immediately. Through a combination of micro-machining and secondary finishing (specifically, electro-dynamic surface finishing), we created a scratch-free surface finish for a hemolysis pump that extended the useful lifetime of the device.

Results: a safer device, with less trauma for the patient

As a result of the Pulse Technologies’ finish on this inlet case assembly, the surgeon has more time for the operation, the operation is less intrusive and traumatic for the patient, and the incidence of hemolysis decreases substantially.


At production volumes, with exacting consistency

Even better, the process is automated and repeatable. Eighteen minutes of hand polishing is replaced with electro-dynamic surface finishing so precise that the medical device maker doesn’t need to inspect every surface for compliance.

We also worked closely with the device engineer on design for manufacturability, improving the cost and quality for production volumes.

How we did it: by asking the right questions, and investing in the technology and processes that could make it happen, ahead of the client’s need.