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Quality at Pulse

Quality is on everyone's lips, every day, at Pulse. “Quality in everything we do” is a motto that doesn’t just live on plaques or in the company lunchroom. It’s built into every process and every moment.

We treat quality with the utmost seriousness, with engineering designed to support it, employees expected to uphold it (and to call it out whenever they see a slip) and an array of equipment to measure and test it.

Because of our significant experience in the medical device industry, we have an intimate understanding of the safety and regulatory requirements for implantable devices.

Everyone at Pulse—whether they’re operating an X-ray raw material verifier at incoming inspection all the way through to applying the final label on the shipping container—contributes to our goal of 100% quality.

We are:

Our parts ship with Certificates of Compliance and Material. We can also provide First Article Reports, SPC Production Reports, and any specialized testing results required.

Our commitment to quality includes:

  • Real-time statistical process control at the machines to cut time and waste
  • Dock to stock and Kanban consignment arrangements for a streamlined supply chain
  • A full suite of metrology gauges, tools, fixtures and equipment
  • Continuous review of processes, validated against best practices and shared with our partners